A mattress on the grass outside of an industrial builing with advertising in the background.

Kristopher Gaier

“Etobicoke” is a look at the landscapes of Toronto’s western borough. This project was inspired by countless hours looking out of car windows on busy highways.

Doxsee              , Jennifer             - Apr 12, 2011 314 PM

Jennifer Doxsee

Memories stick with us. Our thoughts and perceptions of the places that they were created are often far more vivid than the actual situation itself. Continue Reading →

Bender              , Gregory              - Apr 8, 2011 143 AMBender              , Gregory              - Apr 8, 2011 143 AMBender              , Gregory              - Apr 8, 2011 143 AMBender              , Gregory              - Apr 8, 2011 143 AM

Greg Bender

In 2008 I began to work on producing a collection of songs with the intent to create an album EP. The album would eventually be called “They Told Us to Hide.” The inspiration for the title had come from the pressures of conformity and the daunting necessity of hiding. This idea has stuck with me through 4 years of University, leading up to our final portfolio. Continue Reading →


Alicia Medina

March 20th, 2007

“…sometimes I wonder what the result would be if someone were to analyze my diary…” ‐ Ali Medina

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Amanda Elliott

“Memory…is the diary we all carry about with us.” – Oscar Wilde

My inspiration for this series stemmed from old photographs I found of my grandparents when they were young and first in love. Continue Reading →