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Greg Bender

Posted on October 24, 2011 by GH Media

In 2008 I began to work on producing a collection of songs with the intent to create an album EP. The album would eventually be called “They Told Us to Hide.” The inspiration for the title had come from the pressures of conformity and the daunting necessity of hiding. This idea has stuck with me through 4 years of University, leading up to our final portfolio.

They Told Us to Hide. The theme, presented visually displays the nature of why individuals at all stages of life are forced to hide.

As a child these reasons to hide are based on innocence and behavior. Children hide from their parents, they hide from monsters or they hide their childhood secrets in scripture. As individuals grow in age the notion of guilt grows with them. People hide their bad habits, their honest feelings and their secret lives in order to avoid necessary confrontation.

The series of images presented in this portfolio attempt to display the emotions felt when found in a position of guilt or fear. Together the ideas of fear and guilt shape the concept of why we hide. As a result hiding becomes personal and unique, evolving into actions that ultimately define who we are.

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