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Multimedia Journalism – Section Two: Fall 2014

Posted on January 5, 2015 by MarcTavares

In the age of digital journalism so much has changed. A journalist is no longer just a writer or a photographer. Today’s digital storytellers must be able to interview, research, write, shoot still photographs and video, edit, create graphics, and maps, all the while constantly responding to evolving interactive technology to make it all possible.

Yet, despite the changes, the core values of journalism remain the same: Get the facts right, get them quickly, tell stories about people, deal with issues that effect society, and do it in a caring and professional way.

The assignment of this class was simple: create an online profile of a person, place, organization, or issue using all the multimedia storytelling tools at their disposal. Students were judged on the originality of the subject, the appropriate use of different media to tell various aspects of the story, research, creativity, and journalistic balance. Each student was responsible for creating every aspect of their individual project. The goal was to make these students able to step out on the classroom and into the real world of multi-platform journalism.  The result is an interactive online news journal entitled “In-Press”.



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