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With the amount of anime and manga (Japanese comics) being produced present day, people all over the world are becoming more and more interested in the world of animation. People are attending conventions, meet-ups, gatherings, fan-groups or becoming a part of the online anime community to get involved and immerse themselves in what they love and enjoy.


Con-G is an example of one of these anime conventions. It’s a small non-profit convention held in the town of Guelph. The name stands for “Convention Guelph” as well as puts a pun on the Japanese word “kanji.”


Designer, Aridia Nicolucci, who I visited Con-G with, happens to be one of these anime-lovers. From Final Fantasy to Street Fighters to scouts from Sailor Moon, she is constantly bringing the animated characters to real life. Using popular and avant-garde Japanese fashion as her inspiration, the Lolita outfits she produces emulate the style you may see on the streets of Shibuya.


She has her work cut out for her this year, having monthly requests and purchases from her online Etsy store. According to Nicolucci, each outfit (depending on how detail-heavy they are) can take up to several months to make from scratch. With her line, “Ridi Kitty” in full bloom, she spends her long nights sewing and listening to Japanese pop and reminiscing about visiting Japan again.




24-year-old, Aridia Nicolucci, is using both her love for anime and the rise of the

cosplay culture in mainstream to master her skills and let her company grow.


As owner of Ridi Kitty Design and RidiKitty.com, she runs everything from the financial side all the way down to sewing the garments she sells. Her company operates in her home studio in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2009, Ridi Kitty has been continually growing.


Nicolucci has been involved with Lolita fashion and Cosplay since 2008, after graduating in Fashion Arts from Seneca College.



Below is the vlog (video blog) from the night before Con-G, as Nicolucci made the final adjustments and preparations on her cosplay, The Queen from Black Butler.



Featured in various fashion shows, you can catch her designs worn on the runway by people of all ages and sizes. Her recent collection (below), Stars of the Unicorn, was presented at Sakura-Con in Seattle 2010.

Like her lolita work, you can find her brought-to-live anime character outfits at anime conventions such as Anime North, FanExpo, and Con-G.

Below is only a few things she’s done in the past:





For more information, you can catch Ridi Kitty on:

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