Paranormal Perceptions

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By: Jovana Mitrovic Paranormal activity is a phenomenon that no one has still been able to explain. Do ghosts and spirits actually exist or is it simply a coincidence? Are stories of encountered experiences real or does the just mind

Hey Toronto! What are you Listening to?

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We went out around the city and asked strangers on the street: Hey You! What are you listening to? The results are in our video. Enjoy!  

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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“Don’t dream it … be it” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show subculture  By Kerone McWhinney   Corsets, stockings and bright red lipstick adorn the bodies of various people in line waiting to get inside the theatre. People of all

Mayor Rob’s Toronto
(of its artistic graffiti)


Compiled By: Lauren Choi Video Footage By: Sarah Voigt Special thanks to and CBC for some of the content